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Glass Machinery

At Woonsocket Glass, our "state of the art" machinery, together with highly skilled employees, create a combination few fabricators in the Northeast can boast. Computerized, automated machinery allow us to create the following edge types, and more, by combining different machine functions, and a little imagination. Below you will see some of the pieces of equipment that have helped us maintain the quality product that is expected of Woonsocket Glass.

Bavelloni 9rv99
Our Baveloni PRV99 is a flat edger and mitering machine. It is computer controlled allowing us to flat polish and miter glass from 1/8"- 3/4" thick. We can miter from 0- 45 degrees.
Our Bavelloni SB 10 is a manual shape beveler and edger. It can bevel widths up to 1 1/2" on glass from 1/8" - 3/4" thick. We also use this machine for manual shape edging- flat and pencil polish, miter, and ogee.
  Bavelloni SB10
Bavelloni bvb75
 Our Baveloni B75 is the newest generation of beveling machines from Italy. This machine will bevel glass from 1/8" to 3/4" thick. We can bevel widths up to 2", depending on glass thickness.
Our Baveloni TM 4 is a peripheral edger. This will grind a profile, such as a pencil edge, or ogee edge in glass, and then polish it.   Bavelloni TM74
Bavelloni alpha315  
Our Baveloni Alpha 315 is a CNC (Computer Navigational Controlled) machine. This unique piece of equipment will mill, drill, saw straight line and curves, bevel, and "v" groove glass from 1/8" - 3/4" thick.
Our Botero 352 CNC cutting table optimizes and cuts our orders of glass with incredable precision. It will also scan shapes with an on board laser and export this shape in a DXF file.
  Bottero CNC cutting table

Our Flow water jet is capable of cutting glass into virtually any shape possible with any other piece of glass machinery.Our Flow water jet has the capability of cutting glass into virtually any shape.